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Whether you are seeking or paying spousal support, you need an attorney who has navigated through complex divorces involving significant assets. Regardless of your financial status, you need that level of skilled and seasoned legal advocacy.

An Experienced Spousal Support Lawyer In The Woodlands

Robert A. Markle began his career as an attorney working for firms that took on the challenges of high-asset divorces, including hidden income and property. Many of those legal actions involved disputes over alimony. With a continuing commitment to that sophisticated level of service, we help Harris County and Montgomery County residents either mediate or litigate maintenance agreements.

Whether you are paying or receiving spousal support, the courts consider specific factors that include:

  • A marriage lasting 10 years or longer with a spouse unable to make a living
  • A physically or mentally disabled spouse unable to earn income that provides for basic needs
  • A spouse having custody of a child suffering from a mental or physical disability that requires special care and supervision
  • A spouse convicted of family violence

Property brought into the marriage and amounts for child support can also play a role in determining the amount of support and the length of the agreement.

Caring And Compassion When You Need It Most

While spousal support is more transitional than permanent, we can help you get over the significant hurdles you face. Protect your rights with a Texas-based attorney who truly cares about your best interests. Submit our online contact form or call R.A. Markle & Associates at 832-278-1004.