Protection Of Your Rights And Well-Being

At R.A. Markle & Associates in The Woodlands, we know that couples divorce for a variety of reasons. Some marital dissolutions are amicable as ex-spouses move on with their lives. Others involve serious conflicts that can take the form of assaults and threats or false accusations of domestic violence.

Whether your safety or reputation is at risk, you need to protect yourself.

The Need For Proactive Steps Following Domestic Violent Acts Or Accusations

If a court determines that family violence has occurred and could happen again, it will render a protective order to prohibit future violent acts, along with harassment and threats of assault. The accused may also be barred from visiting the child's school or day care.

For residents of Harris County or Montgomery County, family law attorney Robert A. Markle takes the legal steps necessary to secure a temporary or permanent order of protection. Starting with the initial appearance and petition filing to the rendering of the order, we remain at your side.

Conversely, accusations of spousal or child abuse are often used as leverage in divorce, specifically in custody matters. False criminal claims raise the stakes and require immediate counsel. As aggressively as he pursues protective orders to protect victims, he equally protects your rights and gets to the facts if you have been falsely accused.

The stakes are high. You need immediate legal counsel to take proactive steps. You are entitled to an attorney with an unwavering commitment to you during an already uncertain time. We provide that level of compassionate, cost-effective representation.

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