Helping You Start The Next Chapter Of Your Life

Life is filled with ongoing change and significant milestones. One of the more significant, life-changing transitions is the end of a marriage. Rife with emotion and filled with legal complexities, navigating through the process requires experienced legal counsel.

As you are adjusting to a new chapter in your life, one of the more important decisions you make is the choice of an attorney. The selection of the right legal counsel can make a significant difference. Not all divorce lawyers are the same.

A New Choice For Texas Residents Going Through Divorce

At R.A. Markle & Associates, our founder is an attorney with years of experience handling complicated divorces involving significant assets and alimony. On behalf of Texans from all walks of life, he provides skilled and compassionate representation.

In addition to protecting your rights, we also look out for the best interests of your children in custody and support matters. Divorce is difficult for them and creates emotional upheaval. We help parents provide them the transition they deserve as their lives are changing.

While most divorces are resolved in mediation, some cases require a trial. While more costly, litigation is sometimes the only way to find resolution. Robert A. Markle is a seasoned litigator who will employ all of our firm's resources to secure the best possible outcome for you.

Protect Your Rights By Calling Robert A. Markle

With diligence and dedication, we help residents of Harris County and Montgomery County get through the divorce process. Contact R.A. Markle & Associates in The Woodlands online or call 832-278-1004.