Easing The Transition Of Divorce For Children

Robert A. Markle began his career representing members of Texas' financial elite in divorces. While working at well-known family law firms, he gained experience managing high-stakes cases involving complex financial matters, including support for children.

The founder of R.A. Markle & Associates not only possesses extensive experience in mediating and litigating child support agreements, but also comprehensive knowledge of Texas child support laws.

Protecting Your Rights And The Best Interests Of Your Children

Money-related disputes become emotionally charged when they involve children of divorce. As a custodial parent, you want to ensure that your children are getting the support they need. You also want to be confident that you are paying your fair share.

At R.A. Markle & Associates, we are dedicated to your peace of mind during life-changing times. We look out for the best interests and well-being of your children. We will encourage you to do the same. We want you to make good decisions that help ease the transition for everyone involved.

A Lawyer Who Remains At Your Side During And Following Your Divorce

Throughout the entire divorce process, we remain committed to protecting your rights. That commitment continues when financial situations and children's needs change. When support modifications are necessary, we pursue those revisions with attention to every detail.

If your ex-spouse is refusing to pay support, enforcement actions are often necessary to ensure the best interests of the children are protected.

Life-Changing Times Call For Aggressive Legal Representation

Harris County and Montgomery County residents need an attorney who matches compassion for his clients with aggression in pursuing the best outcome. Contact R.A. Markle & Associates in The Woodlands by calling 832-278-1004 or filling out our online contact form.