Putting The Best Interests And Safety Of Children First

At R.A. Markle & Associates, we understand that you may not be at your best when your marriage ends. Stress builds as you face an uncertain future. Just when you think things cannot get worse, Child Protective Services (CPS) enters your already chaotic life.

Matters involving CPS are traumatic and require quick resolutions. Do not assume that you cannot fight the system.

Even The Odds You Face Against Texas Child Protective Services

Robert A. Markle gained early experience handling complex divorce cases for large Texas law firms. Oftentimes, our founder defended his Montgomery County or Harris County residents against CPS. Throughout his career, he has witnessed how serious accusations are used to gain leverage in custody and visitation matters.

Throughout every step of a complicated and difficult legal process and any possible litigation, we remain at your side. We will aggressively protect your rights to parent your child and return them to your home.

CPS decisions affect not only you and your child, but also your entire family. Futures, reputations and a child's well-being may be at stake. You need an attorney like Robert Markle who combines experience and knowledge with dedication and compassion.

Proactively Securing Legal Counsel Can Make A Difference

Take control of your future and the future of your children. Call R.A. Markle & Associates in The Woodlands. You can reach a lawyer at 832-278-1004 or by filling out our online contact form.