Helping You Add To Your Family

In our practice of adoption throughout Texas and outside of the state, we combine experience and legal knowledge with attention to every detail. Whether you are working with birth parents, pursuing a stepparent adoption or selecting an agency, we will provide you with personalized representation and tailored strategies.

A Commitment To The Best Interests Of Adoptive Parents And Children

Private adoptions require thorough preparation of legal documents to be signed by both birth parents. If a biological parent cannot be located, pursuing termination of the parent's rights often requires publishing a notification in the local newspaper located in the absent parent's last known address. In some cases, a birth mother wants to provide her child a better life. Complications arise when the biological father feels differently.

In stepparent adoptions, a divorced biological parent may dispute someone else taking on the role of raising their children. Regardless of the role they played during a previous marriage or relationship, they can make the process more difficult and lengthy.

The complex cases Robert A. Markle handled in the early years of his career provided him with skills, experience and legal knowledge in adoption and all areas of family law. Regardless of the emotional aspects or legal complexities, we focus on the needs and best interests of adoptive parents and children.

A Lawyer At Your Side During A Difficult, Yet Rewarding, Process

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